meet dellrose

Our Story

Founded 2019

"As young professionals ourselves, we’re always on the hunt for stylish wardrobe pieces that don’t completely blow our budget (can’t a girl look cute and pay her electric bill?)."

— Natalie, Co-Founder of Dellrose

Our Story

On a recent (budget-friendly) trek through Europe, we couldn’t help but notice that the most fashionable women were wearing scarves. Whether it was tied around the neck and paired with jeans and a tank, adding a pop of color to a leather tote, or fashioned into a sexy halter for a night out, one thing was clear: these were not our grandmothers’ scarves.

Taking a cue from our Italian and French sisters, we’ve fallen in love with this must-have accessory—its aesthetic keeps us on-trend, and its versatility is good for our bottom line.

— Natalie & Philipp, Co-Founders of Dellrose

The Start of Dellrose

During that trip through Europe, we were lucky enough to visit Lake Como, Italy—and, yes, we did consider stalking George Clooney.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, we discovered that the region is also known for its centuries-old tradition of scarf-making.

We got to visit—and eventually partner with—the leading family-owned operation in the area. Working with these artisans allows us to pair traditional Italian craftsmanship and quality with our playful spirit and eye for contemporary design.

Our Scarves

We strongly believe in luxury without the exclusivity. Partnering with one of the leading producers in Lake Como means our products meet the same standards as several top luxury brands except we offer ours for a third of the price. While others are upcharging, we’re finding ways to make luxury affordable. 


We Give Back

Our Giving Program was born out of a personal experience. When Dellrose founder Natalie's grandmother battled cancer and endured hair loss during her chemo treatment, a pretty scarf was often the confidence boost she needed to face the world. After seeing how this little accessory gave her grandmother a sense of style and dignity, the Dellrose team decided to get more involved.

Our Partner

Our current goal is to donate one scarf to a chemo patient for every ten scarves sold. Working with our partner, Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center, we plan on increasing donations as we grow. We hope our contribution can bring a little joy and a lot of color into someone's life.